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If you stumble upon this site via search engines, please note that this is an old site for CS2030 circa AY2017/18. For AY2019/20 Semester 1, please access the module resources via Luminus and its Q&A forum via Piazza here

AY 2017/18 Semester 2

Piazza Q&A

Labs and Assessments



   6. Async Web API

   5. Matrix Multiplication

   4b. Simulator ver 2.1

   4a. Simulator ver 2.0

   3. Infinite List

   2b. Simulator ver 1.3

   2a. Simulator ver 1.2

   1b. Simulator ver 1.1

   1a. Simulator ver 1.0

   0. Warm Up


  12. Review (no notes)   [ (Extra: Build a Monad)

  11. Getting Asynchronous with CompletableFuture  

  10. Parallel Streams  

  9. Functionl-Style Patterns   

  8. Streams   

  7. Functions   

  6. Hash Code, Nested Class, Enum   

  5. Generics and Collections   

  4. Types, Memory, Exception   

  3. More on Inheritance   

  2. Inheritance and Polymorphism   

  1. Abstraction and Encapsulation   

For list of topics coming up, see the class schedule.